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EV talks at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

Held on the 1st of Febuary co-founder of Sahy Electric, Aseem Gupta had a talk with the students about comprehensive solutions for the EV industry.

Here is an introduction to the talk:

1. What is an EV?

An electric vehicle is one which have electric motors rather than an internal combustion engine. Further more, there are 2 main or popular types of EV's; A Hybrid Electric Vehicle and a 100% Electric Vehicle.

2. What are the different types of EV batteries?

There are mainly 7 types of EV batteries out there.

a) Lithium Ion Batteries- they are the most widely used EV battery.

b) Nickel-Metal Hybrid (NiMH)- these are more widely used in the applicaion of hybrid EV's.

c) Solid State Batteries- These are primarily li-ion batteries except for the fact that they use solid electrolyte and not liquid electrolyte solutions.

d) Ultracapacitators- this unlike a typical battery is the most different type of energy storage unit.

e) Lead Acid Batteries- they are the oldest rechargeable batteries and were the most viable option before Li-ion batteries were discovered.

f) Aluminium-ion Battery- faster charging, greater energy density and range, more expensive to manufacture with.

g) Sodium-ion Batteries- suitable for fields that do not require high energy density but are more cost-sensitive and will mainly be used in energy storage and in two-wheeled vehicles.

The talk also gave statistical and data analysis of the Indian and global EV infra market, as well incentives, such as green and profit making, to join the EV industry.

"Awesome talk" says professor Tiwari who keenly coordinated and facilitated the event.

Sahy is happy and proud to be penetrating young minds with the knowledge they need to make smarter choices and change the future.

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