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Perfect weekend destination for an EV owner

Rajasthan; a state you will find that is full of diverse cultures and heritage which will can leave you in complete wonder. The preservation of history and their culture is part of what makes it a breathtaking experience. Sariska Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve in Alwar district, Rajasthan, India. It stretches over an area of 881 square km, bordering this reserve is Sariska Manor.

Founded and scouted by a Rajput family, this manor is a home away from home. Hospitality at its finest, Sariska Manor was created in 2017 and is an awe-inspiring resort, which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and wanting more.

Abhiraj Singh, who is the owner and director at Sariska Manor is an environmentalist to the core, and when approached by old friend Aseem Gupta, co-founder of Sahy Electric, it felt destined.

"Preserving our environment and living in harmony with gods land, we have created the manor in a way that it does not disturb the natural habitat, only adds value to it. We have planted a variety of over a hundred trees here, which is a green initiative and what I'm all about" says Abhiraj Singh.

"When my old friend approached me with his idea for EV charging at Sariska, I could not help but get my hands on a charger. What a great way to drive around in the jungle" he says.

Sariska Manor is a quiet sanctuary and is located in a dark spot, away from light pollution where the endless sky is dotted with countless stars perfect for a night of stargazing. The hospitality at the property also provides a telescope among the several unique amenities that are offered, which give you a real feel of the wild forest lands.

With the inauguration of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway by P.M. Modi on the 12th of February, the drive from Delhi to the gates of Sariska Manor should not be more than 3 hours. Moreover if you drive an EV, a charge of 100% can take you to the resort, where you can use the 22KW dual gun charger to fully re-charge your EV in less than 7 hours and make your way back home without worrying about a thing.

When the property was made, Aseem Gupta (Co-Founder of Sahy Electric) came here because of his love for the environment and stargazing. It was a painstaking drive in a Mercedes which was giving a low average and whose engine was failing due to unfavourable weather conditions and a decision was made to buy an EV.

It was also seen as a green initiative and the right thing to do. "Getting to Sariska Manor was a challenge, however due to the opening of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway this challenge has been overcome wherein one can drive to Sariska, charge your EV and come back with a 20% charge still remaining." he says.

The 22KW AC charger launch at Sariska Manor is an initiative made by Sahy Electric to get into hospitality locations across the country enabling EV charging for EV owners to take a road trip a road trip without hesitation.

The charger at the manor has been tried and tested and has been up and running for EV's since the 13th of February.

The highway and EV charging at Sariska has enabled rediscovery of this diverse and beautiful land by Delhiites as the perfect chosen destination for a weekend wildlife adventure.

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