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Short read: Thinking of starting a proptech?

According to a report, Indian prop tech startups earned more than 3.2 Billion $ in funding between 2009 and 2021

The overall Indian real estate market is expected to reach a size of $1 Tn by 2030, presenting ample opportunity for proptech startups

The emergence of the prop tech sector in the country over the last few years has been fuelled mostly by the rapid urbanisation and the need for convenience, the first wave of prop tech startups in India mainly consisted of largely of real estate aggregators or discovery platforms.

According to a, Indian proptech startups garnered more than $3.2 Bn in funding across 255 deals between 2009 and 2021. Furthermore the year 2021 was the best year on record, accounting for $700 Million in capital inflow into the proptech sector.

Within the larger proptech segment, sales and marketing as well as construction technology firms continued their stranglehold over the market. Private equity investments worth $742 Million into the construction technology startups in 2021, while property management startups hold a five-fold year-on-year (YoY) increase in PE funding numbers to $98 Million.

However, the $700 Million raised by the proptech startups last year was just a fraction of over $44 Bn pumped into the overall Indian startup ecosystem in 2021. While the investment in proptech has been increasing gradually over the years, many blame the lack of interest in the sector for the lower funding numbers.


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